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Today, when methods of photo fixation became generally available and every photographer can make his statement through different photo websites and social networks, the quantity of photos is multiplying in catastrophic progression. This led to the point when the real photography dissolves in mainstream and public opinion brings images which can not be referred to as art of photography to top charts. This was the reason why we decided to create a platform that can gather the most interesting from the world of contemporary art of photography and separate the real photography of modern authors from this mainstream.

The aimo four Gallery is to give authors an opportunity to tell us about their art and origin of their works, express their opinion and views both through their photos and articles. It is an opportunity for spectators to discover con temporary art of photography not only with the help of online gallery but also with offline exhibitions.

We do not anticipate creating limited selection of genres, techniques and methods of art is ticexpression: it can be any kind of photograph. What is more important is to gain attention and reaction from viewers, make them to fix their eyes on it.
In order to organize a meaning fultalk between ‘author - viewer’ and objective perception the Gallery excludes any rating or grading, comments and forum discussion.

In spite of the fact that the Gallery was created on Russian platform, all information is translated into English language and back. This all ows foreign photographer stotake part in this project.

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