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Dear all!

We have launched a new category in the Gallery. It is called “Mobile photography”.

Nowadays mobile phone has become a tool to create sort of an album for sketches: it allows to make a picture at any moment in time as soon as we see it and also a picture that is interesting in terms of movement or plastique!

For photographer it is a way to master his skills, to be in shape and a way to make new photos different in terms of feeling – a quick photo – rather than a picture shot on big camera. It allows to fixate a momentary impression of daily life which doesn’t require any preparation and special search for a story line or a specific moment! Thus, mobilography is a separate peculiar genre of photography which is developing very quickly recently. The steps to upload photographs remained the same as in the rest of categories. No matter if it is a portrait or a landscape, a candid or an abstract shot it is important to unite a new method of imagery and techniques in one category of “Mobile photography”.