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Max Grogorenko Moscow - Petersburg 2012.

I peer into the city. I want to distinguish its idea behind urban fabric, threads of streets and mirrors of rivers, turning the reality upside down, to discern general principles of human interaction with urban space among repeated variety of images, to catch fleeting meaning by into picture frame.

Too much rush andbustling in the city, and too little time to see the world. My photography is an attempt to stop and capture on film that harmony which is hidden behind this bustle, to find spots of peace generously scattered across urban space, but unavailable to inattentive look.

‘Black holes’ also exist in the city – zones of dark destructive reality. My photography is an attempt to detect borders of such zones, to fix conditions of critical violation of integrity and to return to zone of harmony, true values, to yourself.

The series, represented in the album, was shot in Moscow and Saint Petersburg – my favorite cities – very different and very alike in case if you overcome borders of habitual ant try to see archetypical beyond trivial.

There is too little specifics in the works. Borders of the objects are blurred, overlaps to release archetypes of things. Graphic language is deliberately illogical, irreducible to simple forms. It is akin to the language of the unconscious. But I do not know another language capable to transmit mood and perception.

Cloud-castles, monosemantic in details and uncertain in their integrity, as well as our dreams and fantasies, appears from water depths (“Moscow. Cloud-castles”). Layers of images scattered across Saint Petersburg are brought to a single space of bright expectation (“Petersburg. Happiness is soon to come…”).Yellow arch in black wall opens entrance to dark Dimensions (“Petersburg. An evening walk”). Endless walls of Taganka create tangled labyrinth which is hard (but possible!) to exit (“Moscow. Walls.Taganka”).

The city is waiting for you. Welcome!


Moscow. In the rain. 2011



Moscow. Obstruction - overcoming - enlightenment. 2011


Moscow. Autumn. 2011



Moscow. Walls.Taganka. 2011


Moscow. Cloud-castles. 2011


Moscow. Fishery. 2011


Moscow. Searchforyourself. 2011


Petersburg. MoykaRiver. 2012


Petersburg. An evening walk. 2012


Petersburg. Happiness is soon to come…Petersburg. 2012


Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment. 2012


Petersburg. Horses, people. 2012