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On Saturday, October 19th 2013, at our first picture show of the “Gallery +7” in The Lensoviet Academic Theatre in Saint Petersburg photographers, artists, exhibitors, city authorities representatives and, of course, spectators - connoisseurs of art – gathered in one place.

This show means a lot to us. During half a year we’ve been selecting the best photographs, argued with authors and between ourselves trying to arrange a display. Our efforts didn’t end in vain: the show turned out to be desirable and interesting to the public!

This art show depicts the spirit of our Gallery: to demonstrate contemporary world through art-photography, through polysemantic descriptive language that is not subjected to any requirements of fashion and market. And it succeeded, as well as the Gallery itself, thank to creative work and mutual efforts of artists-participants of the Gallery and its moderators.

We believe that our specific view to the contemporary art of photography will remain successful and desirable.

Alexey Leonidov, Anna Kucherova, Anton Laby, Vladimir Pliskin, Galina Novikova, Dmitriy Vorobiyev, Evgeny Shapkin, Igor Syrbu, Konstantin Tolmachev, Konstantin Naumov, Elena Zonova (Kuznetsova), Maxim Grigorenko, Sergey Baranchan, Sergey Petrov.

The founders of the Gallery Evgeny Shapkin and Maxim Grigorenko express their gratitude to photographer Igor Goltsev, The Lensoviet Academic Theatre and its director, an honored cultural worker of Russian Federation Valery Borisovich Gradovskiy and executive director Edward Gariyevich Mirakov, administration of Nevsky region of Saint Petersburg and its head Konstantin Nikolayevich Serov and, of course, all our authors for their help in organizing the event.

We would like to express special thanks to People's artist of Russia Sergey Grigoriyevich Migitsko for his interest in our Gallery.

We would like to remind you that you can attend the art show on Saturdays from 3pm to 5pm and before every performance at The Lensoviet Academic Theatre till November 3rd 2013.

We bring to your notice a short photo report from the exhibition. Photographs by Anna Kucherova and Maxim Grigorenko.