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The Gallery provides an opportunity to authors to publish their materials on their own site.

During registration an author should indicate his real name (nick names are forbidden) and contact details for administration to have opportunity to contact him. The administration of the gallery accepts not more than three photographs, one photo-series (up to seven photos in a series) and one project/article from a single author per weekfor review. Uploaded photographs will be reviewed by gallery administration within 10 working days. Subsequently, the author will get an electronic notification on final decision regarding publication of the material. The administration of the gallery reserves the right to refuse accepting material without explanation.

In an author makes a decision to delete his materials or his account he shall notify the administration about such decision. His request will be reviewed within 10 working days.

The administration agrees that it will not use personal information obtained during registration and any other users’ private data for lucrative purposes and guarantees non-disclosure of such.

Graphic materials containing pornography, children erotic, scenes of violence, racism and materials that infringe upon rights of minorities are strictly prohibitedfor submission and unaccepted for review.

It is strictly prohibited to use unauthorized materials. Every author bears responsibility for copyright violation and breaching intellectual property rights. Author guarantees that he is a copyright holder of materials he submits.

The administration assumes that senders of photographs, owners of photographs, their authors, depicted characters and other concerned parties have independently and internally settled the matter of publication as well as all material values and other issues and will have no claims to the administration.

Gallery administration bears no responsibility for materials created and published in the gallery.

Administration reserves the right to distribute news updatesand information about any changes among users.

Administration reserves the right to use materials contained in the gallery for advertising without any reward to the author.

Administration is not responsible for:

- Malfunction in website operation;

- Direct or indirect damage caused to an author in the result of errors, intervals or beaks in site operations, unauthorized access to communications and/or user’s data;

- Termination of the user’s access to the service.

Gallery administration bears no responsibility and does not compensate for any losses incurred due to unauthorized usage of user’s login and password by third parties. All actions, made by website visitor, logged in using author’s password are treated as authorized access. Author bears complete responsibility for all actions performed by a person logged in on author’s behalf.

Incase of violation ofthe terms of thisagreementby the author, he may be subject tocivil,administrative and criminal liabilityin accordancewith applicable law.